Mood and performance are very dependent on what we eat!

In the last 20 years, the field of nutrition has evolved dramatically. Nowadays, the main focus of attention is on key processes inside our bodies that drive health performance.

In this course we will:
• Understand some basic internal processes related to what you eat,
• Go beyond the energy balance provided by food, and look into the relationship between food and inflammation (and its impact),
• Understand the impact of nutrition on the microbiota or its importance for the protection for your brain,
• Study nutrition with a predominantly practical orientation, on helping you make good decisions when choosing what to eat and generally managing your health,
• Teach you scientifically validated knowledge that will enable you to plan your week, and what you should eat,
• Learn how to buy healthy food and read the labels!
• Be in direct contact with food and cooking!

The course will be structured around the provision of some basic theoretic knowledge, coupled with a highly participative environment where students will be able to actively participate, research and discuss various relevant topics in small groups.


Physical therapist and Osteopath. MSc in Psychoneuroimmunology (UPSA), Clinical Director of IEP and international teacher of PNI Europe.


• Transmit scientifically validated knowledge that facilitates the decision-making process in relation to individual dietary habits, with special attention to the brain’s needs.
• Stimulate curiosity and responsibility for self-management of health through food.
• Enhance individual creativity.
• Seduce with the participation in the process of buying and


Which dates?

18-mar (x2)

What day?


What time?

18,00-19,20 (x2 18,00-20:50)

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