Advanced Seminars

What are they?

Short courses (six sessions) aimed to complement student’s academic profile. They are optional, but highly recommended, as they constitute a great way of building the academic CV.

Upon completion of the course, it will be listed on the student’s official transcript. 

Who can join?

The seminars are open to all students interested in deepening some topic related to their program or exploring new areas of knowledge.

First-year students are not allowed to participate in fall semester seminars.

Registration Period (2023/2024): from August 28th to September 29th through the enrolment app (https://ieu-enrollment.ie.edu/)

How much work?

Each seminar comprises 6 sessions. Attendance of at least 70% is required (5 sessions). 

All seminars are evaluated, whether through participation, group work, or essays, and students will receive a grade for their performance.

The rules

Enroll in a maximum of 2 seminars per semester.

Each Seminar will count for 1 ECTS credit, offered at no extra cost.

Students can drop the courses during the ADD/DROP period, or before the second session (remember, in any case, the first session is mandatory, even if you want to leave) informing the professor and seminars coordinator. 

Students will be graded 0.0 if attendance is not met (one missed session) and will appear on their trancript although it does not count for the GPA. 

IEU Labs

What are they?

Fully-tutored working spaces where students develop professional projects and work closely with companies and institutions. An excellent opportunity for students who want a hands-on experience, to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and professional skills.

Who can join?

All students from any program are welcome to apply to any IEU Lab, although they are specially aimed to 1st and 2nd year students.

How much work?

IEU Labs require your commitment to work hard and enjoy a full hands-on internship-like experience on campus.

  • Second semester: Work during 5 continuous months (workload: 4 to 6 hours per week).
  • Intensive period: After final exams until the end of June (workload: 4 to 6 hours per day).

The rules

  • Enroll in a maximum of 1 LAB each year.
  • Each Seminar will count for 3 ECTS credit, offered at no extra cost.

Language Center

How much work?

  • Students must take the 2 parts (1st & 2nd semester) of any language course to complete the level/s required. Each semester has 24 sessions.
  • Minimum attendance of at least 70% is required

The rules

  • Enroll in no more than two language courses per year.
  • If a student fails the first semester of a language course, he/she will have the opportunity to retake (and pass) the extraordinary evaluation exam in January and thus continue with part two of the course as registered.
  • Each annual language course will count for 6 ECTS (3+3) credits.

IE Impact Humanities

What is IE Impact Humanities?

Humanities (6 ECTS) is the first pillar of the IE Impact learning journey. Students choose among an array of courses that serve to raise their awareness of and address complex issues and challenges societies face around the world. Students learn to observe, reflect and compare, question and analyze, and then synthesize and communicate their conclusions – all of which are necessary to develop critical thinking.


Who can join?

This course is mandatory for the following students:

  • All 1st year single degree students
  • All 1st year BBABIR, BBADBA, and PPLEDBA students
  • All 2nd year BBABIR and BIEBIR students

General information

Enrollment is done through the Online Enrollment Platform on a first come, first served basis.

Segovia Enrollment dates: 21st November – 2nd December

Madrid Enrollmend dates: 22nd November – 2nd December

What is IE Impact?

IE IMPACT is a multidisciplinary, academic program consisting of 21 ECTS for all IEU students whose mission is to develop leaders of positive change. IE IMPACT aims to enlighten IE students about some of the world’s most complex challenges facing humanity and to empower them, via the IE Challenge, to help real-world enterprises – whose missions are driven by sustainability or the Sustainable Development Goals – amplify or scale their positive impact.

Consisting of courses in the Humanities (6 ECTS), Technology (3 ECTS) and Entrepreneurship (6 ECTS), IE IMPACT reinforces these three foundational pillars of IE University, and centers Diversity and Sustainability throughout the entire learning journey, which culminates with the IE Challenge (6 ECTS).

You can find additional information in IE Impact Website.


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